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tell me more right now!

Does this sound familiar?


You want to make more money but it feels impossible


You have a lot of ideas but struggle with implementation


You get stuck in the details & overthink


You're not alone.

I believe this is part of your GENIUS!

You're a creative.


Isn't it time to lean into your superpowers instead of viewing them as limitations?

Isn't it time to finally feel supported by others like you and a trained coach who knows how to get you to that next level?

It's time for you to take action in your business! 


show me!

Photography Education

BTS of me shooting, how to work with movement, Gen Z clients & more.

Marketing Tips

We need to get you more clients! Learn the best strategies & tips to stay booked.

Social Media

I keep you up to date on all the new updates and how to use it all so you stay relevant.

In Person

Join the All Access level and come play in SoCal in January of 2024! Create killer content with us.


Emails, marketing materials, style guide & more. I give you access to what I use daily.

Hypnosis Tracks

Your unconscious mind needs a break; this is how we make lasting change.

Zoom Calls

Show up live to get coached or watch the recording later in the portal.


We have both private FB groups & Voxer threads for ongoing support & guidance.

Imagine How This Will Feel:


⚜️ You're part of an exclusive cohort where all the members are focused on growth.

⚜️ You aren't doing the same thing as all the other photographers out there.

⚜️ Whenever you have a question or issue, you can pop in private group and ask Renee & the group how to navigate it.

⚜️ You have a plan in place, systems to rely on & steady clients; you're calm.

⚜️ You find yourself not even stalking other photographers on Instagram anymore 😂


I want this!

Don't take it from me, though

It's such an honor when students come back semester after semester. I pride myself on a high retention rate for my students; many of them have been with me for years!  Hear what some of them have to say about working with me.




The Elevate Group Coaching Experience is designed for those of you who refuse to let fear rule your lives and for: 

  • The photographer who gets distracted easily.
  • The photographer who is ready to start LOVING making money.
  • The photographer who needs accountability to stay on track.
  • The photographer who feels overwhelmed with all the things.
  • The photographer who craves community without a mean girl clique vibe.
  • The photographer who seeks balance and ease.
  • The photographer who is sick of surface level education.
  • The photographer who wants to thrive

Let's face it, there is SO. MUCH. FLUFF. in our industry. So much "you can't sit with us" energy. 

This ain't that.

We dig in, find solutions & strategies AND we prioritize wellness & wealth.  

What are some of the topics we'll cover?  

The call schedule is inside the portal. I send you a google calendar link so you can just subscribe and have all the deets imported right to your calendar - we are ALL about efficiency and organization here.

And also inside the portal already is a TON of content to get you started.

Some things I want to cover with y'all over the next six months:

  • MONEY & wealth strategies (actual systems as well as mindset shifts that are ongoing)
  • What's working on social NOW and how to capitalize on it
  • Email marketing 
  • Pricing 
  • Target client persona & pain points
  • Branding and how to stand out
  • Marketing without exhausting yourself (I send you weekly trends + ideas but we don't do "copy/paste captions here - we want you to stand OUT)

Plus, YOU get to put in your own requests & get questions answered in the FB group 


"I also don't feel like I fit in, so a group program sounds scary & weird"  

Your unconscious mind wants you to stay safe.

It wants you to play small.

It lies to you so you can stay where you are, but if you're reading this, I'm willing to bet you're DONE with that. 

yep, I'm done!

 You're Not Like Other Photographers

 ⚜️ You know that your business is just a part of your life - not all of it. 

⚜️ You know that social media is fake and that all the people who seemingly have it together are actually just like the rest of us - human.

⚜️ You want to connect deeply with your clients because at the end of the day, that is what really matters.

⚜️ Your know that business thrives when YOU thrive and when you're living in your purpose.


  • Monthly Zoom Calls : 

    • One group zoom call
    • Designed to answer your questions & also provide education LIVE. We do hot seats, Q&A's, guest coaches, specific topics - all related to what YOU need.
  • Private Group:

    Access the group any time and find support & participate in challenges
  • Senior Photography Listing:

    All levels include a free listing over on the Senior Photography Directory
  • Mindset RESET

    You get access to my customized hypnosis tracks & life coaching techniques 


  •  Weekly Social Tips & Trends

    • Once a week, you'll get an update on what's currently trending on reels and TikTok (I've been successfully using and growing on TikTok since 2019 so I know this platform really well). You don't need a social media course; you need ongoing tips because the platforms change SO fast.
  • Glow Up Your TikTok 

    • Learn how to grow your Gen Z audience over on TikTok in this recorded class I taught just recently. It has the most up to date info on TikTok, plus loads of tips on content (valued at $255)

  • 20% off any other course


ALL the info is delivered inside an online portal and any additional resources we cover on calls will be added to the course as well. 

AND when you join today, you get access to all the content that we've covered in previous cohorts, PLUS a prom shooting series, email templates, lead gen ideas and lots more!  

Templates, tutorials on email marketing, shooting videos and lots more are already inside waiting for you! 
OMG I need this!

click play & hear it from me


What's So Different About THIS? 


There's a lot of photography education out there.
BUT no other mentor is also a certified Life Coach with training in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), Neuro-Encoding, Amen Clinic Brain Training & Hypnotherapy. 
The MAIN reason this is different from all the other programs is that it is MINDSET first.  Yes, we cover loads of business related topics & tons of markting, but if you aren't working on getting out of your own way, you'll never implement those strageties. 
And we talk about MONEY in here. We are DESENSITIZING ourselves to this fear of making money. I also have some ninja brainwashing skills that will change your relationship with money - for the better.
I'm ready to get out of my own way!

Gretchen Leigh Photography


I have had the pleasure of being a part of Renee's INVALUABLE Elevate group for several years now, and I cannot express enough how grateful I am for this incredible community. The sense of camaraderie and support among the members is truly exceptional, and Renee's presence is invaluable. She is always available to answer any question and keeps us constantly moving forward, challenging ourselves, discovering our purpose, and honing our skills to become successful and fulfilled business owners and individuals.

Renee's expertise in the photography industry is unparalleled, but her knowledge extends far beyond that. She possesses a deep understanding of the younger generations, the psychology of our target clients, social media, marketing, and the list goes on. Her breadth of knowledge is truly impressive.

And all that is fantastic on its own, but what really sets Renee apart in my opinion is the extra touch of "woo" she brings to the table. She recognizes that running a business goes beyond simply checking off tasks on a to-do list (especially ones you think you should be doing because so-and-so photographer does it that way). She encourages us to align our personal and professional lives, overcome self-doubt and limiting beliefs, and attract the kind of business that truly resonates with us. Rather than dictating what to do and how to do it, Renee guides us skillfully in finding our own unique path to success, ensuring that it aligns with our values and stands the test of time.

Without a doubt, investing in Renee's program has transformed both my business and personal life. I will forever be grateful for the mentorship and guidance she has provided me over the years. It is difficult to put into words just how thankful I am.

If you're considering joining her program, I encourage you to take the leap. You will not regret it!

Who this is FOR: 


⚜️ Photographers who want to be coached by me in a group setting 
⚜️ Photographers who need help with respect to marketing, pricing, teams, shooting, etc.
⚜️ Photographers who want to learn how to run an influencer team or who want to stay ahead of the game and up to date on all things Gen Z
⚜️ Photographers who know the importance of mindset coaching and are willing to do the work to better themselves and thus, their businesses
⚜️ Photographers who have completed my Level Up course but desire ongoing support to stay on track & up to date
⚜️ Photographers who are ready to step out of comfort and into badassery!

Who this is NOT FOR: 


⚜️ Photographers who are not open to coaching or ideas
⚜️ Photographers who are not ready to invest in their business or who actually CAN'T yet
⚜️ Photographers who don't see the value of learning in a group setting; who do not want to share and participate
⚜️ Photographers who want someone to do the work FOR them, with little effort on their part
⚜️ Photographers who love drama or who are drawn to "cliques" within the photography industry
⚜️ Photographers who are too fearful to stretch themselves


There is always time for Q&A and hot seat coaching on all calls as well - and they're recorded so you can rewatch them later.


July 12th 10am: Fear of Being Seen and Playing Small
August 16th 10am:  Imposter Syndrome & How to Overcome It
September 8th 10am: Competition & Why Scarcity is Self-Imposed
October 11th 10am: The Creative Mind & How To Make It Work FOR You
November 8th 10am: Fear of Sales & Money Mindset
December 6th 10am: Preventing and Dealing With Burnout


July 26th 10am: Reels, TikTok and Pinterest Idea Pins (how to/strategy)
August 30th 10am: Social Ads (guest coach)
September 27th 10am: Productivity and Workflow; Digital Clutter
October 25th 10am: Class of 2024 Marketing Strategies
November 22nd 10am: NLP Tactics for Sales & Marketing
December 20th 10am: Planning for 2023 + Holiday Party




Elevate Foundation


valued at $279/m

  • Ongoing enrollment 
  • Biz Foundation Info
  • Monthly marketing content 
  • Monthly mindset content
  • Storyboard & Announcement Templates
  • Email & client communication templates
  • Online portal of content; new content released monthly (shooting, biz & mindset)
  • One live Q&A zoom/month
  • Glow Up Your TikTok Class (2+ hours)
  • Free listing on the Senior Photog Directory
  • Private FB group (office hours once/week & monthly shooting challenges)
  • Hypnosis tracks & nervous system regulation techniques
  • Weekly social trends
  • 20% off other courses except Level Up
  • 20% off 1:1 coaching

WHO the heck am I anyway?

Hey hey, I'm Renee ✌🏼 


I'm a mom of three now-grown kids based out of the suburbs of LA.  I met my husband (an actor, director, writer) of 23 years in a bar in 1995 and the rest is history. I've been a photographer for many moons ... I started on film if that gives you an idea of how old I am - before it was cool to shoot film, when it was our only option. 

In 2007, I decided to specialize in high school senior portraits because nobody was offering anything like it here in my area. I saw a need and created a niche for myself which has generously rewarded me both financially and personally. 

After creating a profitable business, I began mentoring other photographers and was an educator with Senior's Ignite for many years - that's when I found my love of coaching and decided to add to my education in that field. I had a BA in Psychology, so I dove into Life Coaching certifications with a concentration in NLP, Neuro-encoding, Brain Training, and Hypnosis. 

I believe our unconscious mind holds ALL the keys. And that it can be rewired.

I floundered for a while before truly figuring out how to make real money at senior photography. That's why I am so passionate about helping you scale your business and make great money doing something you love while learning more about yourself. 

You must truly know & love yourself if you desire a thriving business - it starts with YOU.  I'm mostly on TikTok & Insta - come say hi!








from Elevate Members


Brittany Caryl

"I love being able to have people to bounce ideas off of. My brain is constantly coming up with ideas but sometimes it's not easy knowing where or how to start to get the process started. With the voxer group everyone contributes and gives a different perspective that you might not have thought about. I also love how Renee has a way to calm me when I'm overwhelmed. Running a small business is not easy when you're running it alone so it's nice having someone in my corner to be a cheerleader that I can do this and I really can make this as my living." 


Laura Meyer

“Elevate is a wonderful program, I have been participating in this program for the last 2 years as I grow my senior portrait business and transition away from photographing weddings. The transition is a long process and I really like how being a part of this program is keeping me on track and accountable to growing and pivoting my business as questions arise I am able to ask the group or Renee for help. Excited to be a part of this again in 2023!!"



Stephanie Lowery

“Elevate is not just about upping your business - it's about elevating who you are as an individual - changing your mindset & recognizing your belief system, owning who your are and/or where you are in this journey but more importantly taking ownership for past and present choices, to stop creating excuses, so that you can gain clarity on what your purpose is, whether it be business/personal or both. With Elevate, I have become a better version of myself and not only is that reflected in my business but also in the relationships with the people I care about most - my family."

Rob Upton

"Bit of a milestone for me today; first of two sales sessions today just ended with a $2240; my first $2k+ sales total. Thanks, Renee! Elevate has made a big difference for me this year!"


Stacey Dominici

“Elevate has been the game-changer in my business that I have been needing for years. The support, coaching, and advice that I get - not only from Renee - but from all of the other members has been invaluable! I have grown leaps & bounds in the past 6 months since joining & this is one business expense that I consider crucial to my success!"


Blanca Parciak

“I believe I will be surpassing my goals; I made $25k in the last 30 days. My goal was to hae 20-25 clients & I had 31. My sales averages are close to what I wanted!"

Dani Macaro - Undeniably Dani Photography


For me- it's all about the comfort. I know everything I need to do to run a successful small creative business. Having Renee in my corner as someone who's not only doing it herself, but also there to help and assist and guide and cheer me on- is worth the money. I like having a business coach. It makes me feel like there a no limits to what my small business can achieve when I have someone who's done it and done it successfully.  

Why I'm staying in Evelate- I like being a part of something and the accessibility to a coach is very helpful. Renee is always there to take our daily drama of our businesses and our lives and help break it down and turn it into pieces that we can manage. After talking to her she makes the biggest mountain that I can't climb into a small little pebble on the road that you just kick over and keep walking. It's really great having someone who actually believes that you can have everything you want not only for your business but your life.   

It's good to have a team who knows the same struggles. It's great to have a coach who can get us all out of our heads and show us ways we can manage situations practically and by letting go. 

I think Renee Bowen is the perfect example of a business coach.  She gives you the confidence and the tools and solutions, but she expects you to dig deep and do the work. She's someone who sets an example across social media through her work and putting herself out there.  Even if you're not as strong on social media as you'd like to be- having someone who gets it pushes you in the right direction. She also carries herself in a way that is admirable.  There's a lot of photography education- this is more. This is deeper. 



Here's a taste of what you get from me:

This is a clip from a recent mindset zoom call with my members; I was teaching about abundance, lack and scarcity. I like to start most Evolution and All Access Level calls with some kind of topic or theme OR a guest coach but we always open them up to Q&A's as well.  Foundation Level will leave more time for questions but monthly content for marketing and mindset will be added to the portal for you.

Here's a snippet from a recent hot seat:

Come to the coaching calls ready to get the help you need. You can't get what you don't ASK for.  Inside All Access, we have time for a few of these per call since it is limited to only 12 photographers. But I start ALL calls with some kind of TOPIC or presentation and we always leave time for questions.  




This is about the time during your scroll that you're getting a little excited about joining and simultaneously talking yourself out of the investment. 😂 This is normal - this uncomfortable tinge of fear that arises when you are about to do something that you know will entail some work to grow and literally uplevel.

I've had that tinge. Many times in fact.

Over the years, I have invested well over 30k in coaching, mentoring and courses; and yes, 20k of that was all at once. 😮

And I have made it all back in spades, grossing $250k as a photographer consistently. On MY terms - which means no more than 50 seniors a year.  I don't want to work 24/7 - and the beauty of this career is that you get to decide how YOU want it to look. 

It is terrifying to invest in yourself but if you've made it this far - and you feel aligned to this, it's also too late to go back to where you were.

You are ready - you just need to push past your own fear. And I am here to tell you that if I can do this - so can you.

I can show you how.

Okay take me back to pricing!




Still have questions?



📲 661-505-8470 (text me!)

Jenny Adams Photography


Renee has really helped me get focused on my business over the past few months that I have worked with her in Elevate.  She seems to know where every individual person's limits are and pushing me without pushing too far past my limit.  Five months into the year and I am already seeing more momentum in my business than I did all of last year!  She also has a way of walking us through the mindset and business exercises that makes sense to me.  I've worked on my why statement many times in the past, and this is the first time I feel like it actually is specific to me and my business.  I can't wait to see what the next 6 months bring. Thank you for everything so far Renee!  I can't wait for the next 6 months.