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The *New* Way to Run Teams


Are you hoping to start an ambassador team for your senior photography business that attracts more of your target clients?

OR do you need to revamp your current program so it makes you more money and costs you less time?

YES! This is what I need!

I'll Teach You My EXACT Method 

Of Year-Round Lead Generation


As a senior photographer, you may have heard that offering a model or ambassador team is the best way to ensure you have lots of year-round word-of-mouth clients. 

BUT most photographers are doing it all wrong.

They're spending tons of time on elaborate team photoshoots only to find that their Gen Z clients don't want to post their images & if they don't post, they don't bring in those leads.

What's worse is that they're not charging their ambassadors - or charging very little - so they're working hard for no money.

Imagine How This Would Feel:


✅ You're running a team that speaks directly to your Gen Z target clients and empowers them to step into learning how to build their personal brand - with you as their mentor. 

✅ An inclusive, collaborative experience that makes your influencers feel like they're a part of something so they organically share about it to their friends while learning how to collaborate with local and online businesses. 

✅ You're connecting with your clients like never before and they are loving the editorial style of imagery you're creating together. 

✅ You have a steady influx of senior clients because of this amazing influencer team and no longer worry about filling your books.  

I want this!

I'll teach you how to build YOUR own team of Influencers


The Foundation:


  • The Photographer's Guide:  This is a 32-page pdf that you can either print or read on your computer/device.  The guide walks you through everything step by step. Don't worry, there's also a VIDEO of me walking you through it too. 

  • The TEEN Social Media and Influencer Guide: This helps train your team by showing them HOW to step into an influencer role and sets you up as the leader in this field. Included are eight photoshop templates so you can customize them with your own business wording and marketing and then print them out for your team. Parents also love this because they like knowing you are helping their teens learn how to navigate social media in a constructive way. 

  • The Media Kit:  This is a two-page photoshop template that you can either customize FOR your influencer OR show them how.  It's a great way to add value to your team by giving them the tools necessary to dive into an influencer platform or grow their personal brand. You can also use this for yourself when you are pitching yourself to brands for collaborations!

Value = $550

All the templates!


  • The Email Funnel:  I use a specific sequence of THREE emails to market to potential team members and I'm including all of them in doc format so you can customize them for your own studio.  Also included is the FOLLOW UP email I send after my meetings.
  • The Brand Pitch Email:  This email template walks you through pitching yourself to brands - either online or in-person - so you can get your team set up for collabs throughout the year.
  • The Team Contract and Payment Authorization Forms:  These are photoshop files ready for customization so you are all set to get up and running and signing up influencers. 
  • The Questionnaire:  All the questions I use on my team questionnaire in a doc format so you can easily copy and paste. I use strategic questions so I not only know more about who the applicants are, but also important details about their family demographics.  This is all part of the psychology of selling.
  • The Image Delivery Script: Another doc file that walks you through HOW I deliver the images to my team and why this is so important. I'm very intentional with this process and I want you to understand why.

Value = $350

Yep, bonuses too

  • Pop Up Zoom Calls with me to answer any questions you have (and access to all the past recordings) - currently, there are two past calls in the course and there is one scheduled for November 15th at 3pm Pacific Time - mark your calendars because this is a live zoom class where you can ask me anything related to running teams and marketing! 
  • The keynote template I use for my meetings - you are welcome to use it as is and/or customize it.
  • The handout I use at the meetings to explain what is involved - you are welcome to customize this.
  • The Psychology of Marketing to Gen Z recorded presentation so you understand how to attract Gen Z'ers and what makes them tick.
  • The script I use when reaching out to potential team members via Instagram or TikTok dm.
  • Social Media Marketing Class - valued at $111, this is a recorded presentation from September 2021 and outlines ALL the new changes in social media marketing and how to navigate them. It's important for you to have this information as you will be teaching your influencers how to navigate social media. Included in this course is a social media content spreadsheet and other bonuses as well.
  • Private Facebook Group = a priceless ongoing support system

Value = well over $1000 

Total Value = $1900

YOUR PRICE = only $366

Yes! I Am Ready To Get Started!

This is different


Most of the model or ambassador team programs that photographers have been running were made for either millennial clients or the MOMS of your clients - not for Gen Z clients.

By now, you know that if you want to grow a senior business, you must get Gen Z clients on board. They are the ones calling the shots with regard to who is hired to shoot their senior pics, and how much is spent on products (and what is purchased).

So while marketing to parents is always important, most photographers miss the mark by ONLY marketing to them.

I teach you how to attract Gen Z clients by building a team program that is meaningful AND aspirational while also turning a nice profit.

How Would This Change Your Life?

By the end of this program,
you’ll be able to:


  • Start your own team from scratch right out of the gate.
  • Revamp your existing team to be more profitable and intentional.
  • Be a social media expert to your influencer team and be seen as a leader in your market.
  • Project six to twelve months in advance and stop worrying about where those clients are going to come from.
  • Feel more confident when interacting with Gen Z clients.
  • Plan fun, creative photoshoots for your team that will ensure you have marketing content all year long.
  • Pitch yourself to brands with the intention of collaborating and cross-marketing - while also teaching your influencers how to do that as well.
  • Confidently recruit a team and run in-person or zoom meetings.
  • Sign up a team without "choosing" the most popular teens. Gen Z clients value inclusiveness, so I teach you how to create a team that is aspirational but not exclusionary. 
  • Create marketing content that doesn't feel inauthentic.
  • Connect with your teen clients in a way you never have been able to before.

A Note From Yours Truly


Hey hey, I'm Renee ✌🏼 


I've been a photographer for many moons ... I started on film if that gives you an idea of how old I am - before it was cool to shoot film, when it was our only option. I have a BA in Psychology and I'm also certified in NLP Life Coaching and Neuro-encoding. 

In 2007, I decided to specialize in high school senior portraits because nobody was offering anything like it here in my area. I saw a need and created a niche for myself which has generously rewarded me both financially and personally. 

It's important to me that you know that I did NOT always have this figured out. I floundered for a while before truly figuring out how to make real money at senior photography. That's why I am so passionate about helping you scale your business and make great money doing something you love.

I have run teams many different ways over the years and learned a ton in the process. One thing I know for sure - Gen Z clients are very different than their millennial predecessors.  I started seeing changes in my clients back in 2018, so I decided it was time to shift the way I was running my teams. That was when I transitioned from "model teams' to an influencer team. 

The way I run my teams is different than the way most photographers will teach. I do not believe in choosing only the popular girls. I won't ever tell someone who truly wants this experience that they can't be on the team. I believe team members should be full-paying clients and they should get an experience that is like no other. I'm excited to have you on this journey with me! 


I've walked this path alongside you as a photographer for years - I know the struggles you face.  As a life & business coach, I help photographers like you every day uncover what's really standing in their way. As a Virgo, I'm a perfectionist  😂 so I pour everything I have into the educational content I put out. I pride myself on walking the walk and I won't leave you hanging - if you have questions, I will make sure you get the answers.  

Yes! I'm Ready!

Total Value = $1900

YOUR PRICE = only $366

Yes! I Am Ready To Get Started!

Jen Pisani

"At tonight’s meeting I signed 5 Elite Level and 2 Basic Level for class of 2022. I have 3 more girls to talk to but even if they don’t join I am super stoked. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all your support, content, and support! You are truly a blessing!!!! You really helped me pivot this week and I’m forever grateful."

Gretchen Leigh

“Because of your Influencer Model Program, I have been the most optimistic I have been in quite a while. Somehow, it has led me to brainstorm more creatively than usual. I still need to implement and make the ideas happen, but it's a step in the right direction and I honestly haven't felt this way in a while. Thank you!!”

Stephany Fashempour

“I can't believe how well the Influencer Program and the Level Up coaching works! Seriously, if you do the work, take Renee's advice, listen and learn - your investment comes back! I just had my influencer team meetings and my signups were higher than expected and one of my levels was SIX TIMES the amount I charged last year! 

Just In Time for Class of 2023


You'll want to sign them up in January or February of 2022! 

Yep, that early. WHY?

Because if you start shooting with them while they are in their JUNIOR year, you will start booking their friends before the school year even ends.

It's a brilliant way to make sure you are booked for summer and fall.

Let's Do This!



My online course and coaching program for senior photographers is currently enrolling - and you get the Influencer Model Program included in that. Make sure you check that out and book a call with me to see if you are a good fit!

I'm looking for something MORE