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The Influencer Model Program :: Model Team Blueprint

If you are a senior photographer and have run a model program in the past, you may have already seen a decrease in interest for this type of marketing; if you haven't yet, you probably will.  Gen Z is very different than their late Millenial predecessors and they want very different things from their senior photography experience.  Now, more than ever, setting yourself apart as a leader and innovator in the field of senior portraits is of the utmost importance. 

This program will help you do just that by showing you how I run my own Influencer Model Program that speaks specifically to Generation Z.  I've spent years researching them and I'm constantly looking for new ways to get my brand in front of them, even though my brand is very solid.  Gen Z needs to be communicated with often ... but in an authentic way.  I created this program so you could implement these strategies in your own business and set yourself apart from other senior photographers in your market.


  • The Photographer's Guide:  This is a 32-page pdf that you can either print or read on your computer/device.  The guide walks you through everything step by step.

  • The TEEN Social Media and Influencer Guide: Eight photoshop templates so you can customize them with your own business wording and marketing and then print out for your team.  It helps train your team by showing them HOW to step into an influencer role and sets you up as the leader in this field. 
  • The Media Kit:  This is a two page photoshop template as well that you can either customize FOR your influencer OR show them how.  It's a great way to add value to your team by giving them the tools necessary to dive into an influencer platform or grow their personal brand.
  • The Email Funnel:  I use a specific sequence of THREE emails to market to potential team members and I'm including all of them in doc format so you can customize them for your own studio.  Also included is the FOLLOW UP email I send after my meetings.
  • The Brand Pitch Email:  This email template walks you through pitching yourself to brands - either online or in person - so you can get your team set up for collabs throughout the year.
  • The Team Contract and Payment Authorization Forms:  These are also photoshop files for customization
  • The Questionnaire:  All the questions I use on my team questionnaire in a doc format
  • The Image Delivery Script: Another doc file that walks you through HOW I deliver the images to my team and why this is so important


What People Are Saying:

“Renee Bowen, you are such a wealth of knowledge. Thank you for curating all the good stuff and raining it down on us. You’re understanding of Gen Z is very helpful. One thing that resonated with me (well, there were many things!), but the reminder that, “even if you don’t see these [Gen Z] traits now, they’re coming. I often find here on the East Coast, that many of the things I’ve learned start on the West Coast where everything is Hollywood and new. Here, many of the teens see it, but there is still a lot of “tradition” if you will. Just outside of Boston here we have Harvard and Vineyard Vines. Think Elle vs. Blair in Legally Blonde. For me, it’s always been an important part of my brand story to let them know that it is important to me to be able to give them both. I am able to talk about it easily in consultations, but haven’t figured out yet how to express it in my site...and now doing so with keeping in alignment with Gen Z.”

Jennifer Helmka

““Because of your Influencer Model Program, I have been the most optimistic I have been in quite a while. Somehow, it has led me to brainstorm more creatively than usual. I still need to implement and make the ideas happen, but it's a step in the right direction and I honestly haven't felt this way in a while. Thank you!!””

Gretchen Leigh

““I can't believe how well the Influencer Program and the Level Up coaching works! I was so leery about spending the money but I knew I needed to change my program. I wanted to make it bigger and better and that's exactly what Renee taught me how to do. Seriously, if you do the work, take Renee's advice, listen and learn - your investment comes back! I just had my influencer team meetings and my signups were higher than expected and one of my levels was SIX TIMES the amount I charged last year! And that didn't stop people from signing up because I added value to the program and experiences they can't get from anyone else in my area! That's the key - offer those experiences! thank you so much for helping me see where I wanted to take my business. I honestly have so many new ideas and experiences I want to offer all because you inspired me and motivated me! ” ”

Stephany Fashempour