On top of this, it's also a very unpredictable time in our lives - some of you have ended relationships, endured losses ... and may be on the verge of losing the business you worked so hard to build. 

This is scary but I can show you how to build or revamp your marketing so that you are "pandemic proof"  - I've been working with a group of photographers on this very thing since January of this year and even in this uncertain time, they are thriving.  


feedback from members

I'm blown away by their progress and also their words of praise for this Marketing Membership I've created

what's this membership about?

Momentum opened in December of 2019 for a select number of senior photographers and now, I'm opening it up again for a short time.  I want to make sure everyone who is looking for in-depth help has access to it - ESPECIALLY right now. 

This is customized marketing and mindset coaching for your goals for the way YOU run your business - with a focus on Gen Z clients and model teams. 

NOW is the perfect time to hone in on your marketing and get prepped for Class of 2022 and beyond!

You will get access to ALL my PROM marketing materials as well 

You’ll receive my entire INFLUENCER MODEL TEAM program - which is all the tools and templates you need to start or revamp a team in a way that is profitable and meaningful - but it doesn’t stop there. 

Maybe you want to continue running the team the way you already do .. but you need ongoing support.  I’ve run teams so many different ways over the last 13 years and I can help you customize your team experience in a way that makes sense for you

You'll also receive new monthly Gen Z focused marketing tools like email templates and insights, as well as the opportunity to "pick my brain" about these subjects inside our private community.  I don't share details like this outside of a paid course and this is the most accessible course I've ever offered. 

The ongoing monthly support is key to keeping you on track and making sure you actually follow through on the goals you’ve set in place. I’m a certified life coach as well as a business coach so I know how important mindset is. It’s everything actually.  Without focus you’ll continue to just wonder if what you’re doing is actually making any difference.  

I'm also including customized hypnosis tracks that will help you in ALL areas of your life.  I'm a big believer in this and the feedback I've received so far from Momentum members has been incredible!

ready to take action?

let's work together to make sure you're serving your clients to the best of your ability

NOW is the time

are you ready for how our market is changing?

What's Included?

Customized Marketing and Mindset Coaching for your goals - for the way YOU run your business

A private Facebook community where you can interact with me and other group members at any time.

The entire Influencer Model Program blueprint (all the tools you need to create or revamp your model team experience with Gen Z clients in mind)

  • Social media education in line with our current set of clients - how to speak to them in THEIR language
  • How to sell to teams & make them profitable
  • Shoot ideas that “work” so your models actually post the images
  • What’s working NOW for our current set of clients
  • Various ways of structuring a team; what’s working now and what is changing
  • How to convert people who do not sign up into clients
  • All the email and photoshop templates you need (fully customizable)

How to GET clients - constant marketing ideas and guidance via the private community

Monthly Q&A Calls via zoom - submit your questions ahead of time and I’ll choose the most relevant ones we can fit into the one hour time slot (recorded and put into the online course portal so you can rewatch)

Access to me in the private community  - any question you need answered.  

New marketing content every month related to Gen Z and/or model teams

New email templates every month (sales copy as well as guidance on how to foster your list

Guest speakers - both inside and outside the industry (all related to Gen Z and who we are selling to)

Exclusive access to website or social media critiques

First access at upcoming courses as well as special pricing for any course offered by Renee

Monthly mindset hack for all my woo-woo peeps (this is where the real shift happens, fyi)

Monthly hypnosis track geared specifically for us photographers while emphasizing abundance mindset (I’m a certified hypnotherapist)

A killer high-vibe community of people who are all committed to staying positive and working toward their goals … if you are a complainer, this is NOT the place for you; however, if you WANT to get past that and are willing to put in the work, you are absolutely welcome here.

NO mean girls allowed :) 

Shooting tips: How to create lifestyle, movement based “natural” posing for your Gen Z clients so they want to post - while also creating beautiful archival images that SELL products

How to work with brands and get them to collab with you - as well as how to work with local businesses to ensure you have the foothold on senior photography in your area

Tutorials on social media that our clients are using; ie. Tik Tok as well as Facebook and Snapchat Ads tutorials

and much more .... 

"“I can't believe how well the Influencer Program and the Level Up coaching works! I was so leery about spending the money but I knew I needed to change my program. I wanted to make it bigger and better and that's exactly what Renee taught me how to do. Seriously, if you do the work, take Renee's advice, listen and learn - your investment comes back! I just had my influencer team meetings and my signups were higher than expected and one of my levels was SIX TIMES the amount I charged last year! And that didn't stop people from signing up because I added value to the program and experiences they can't get from anyone else in my area! That's the key - offer those experiences! thank you so much for helping me see where I wanted to take my business. I honestly have so many new ideas and experiences I want to offer all because you inspired me and motivated me! ” "

Stephany Fashempour
Momentum + Level Up Online Course student


the cart for Momentum will only be open for a short time









"“Because of your Influencer Model Program, I have been the most optimistic I have been in quite a while. Somehow, it has led me to brainstorm more creatively than usual. I still need to implement and make the ideas happen, but it's a step in the right direction and I honestly haven't felt this way in a while. Thank you!!”"

Gretchen Leigh
Momentum + Influencer Model Program student

Go Deeper

With your business and your clients.  Learn how to turn this dream of yours into a HUGE success story that not only feeds your family (yay!) but also your SOUL.  Live and market with more intention. This is more important that ever - and our clients are looking to US to help them during this stressful time.

don't wait

Momentum is KEY in everything, but especially in business. Take a step in the direction you want your life to go and invest in yourself. You don't have to go it alone, even if you are a "solopreneur"

so here's the deal....

what this membership is about in my own words

Create Brand Evangelists

Learn the marketing and business tools to make sure your photography business actually makes you money so you can spend more valuable time with the ones you love.

Is This Membership Right For You?

Who it's for and who it's NOT for

  • new photographers
  • seasoned photographers
  • anyone who needs to understand Gen Z and how to market to them
  • "high-vibe" people willing to learn and who are coachable
  • dynamic, creative photographers who are excited to up their game
  • solopreneurs looking for community
  • anyone looking for guidance that is on-going and in-depth
  • complainers
  • photographers stuck in old patterns who are not willing to see what's changing
  • low-vibe people who are looking for something to be wrong
  • people who don't care to learn about Gen Z because they want to continue marketing the way they always have


"Renee Bowen, you are such a wealth of knowledge. Thank you for curating all the good stuff and raining it down on us. You’re understanding of Gen Z is very helpful. One thing that resonated with me (well, there were many things!), but the reminder that, “even if you don’t see these [Gen Z] traits now, they’re coming. I often find here on the East Coast, that many of the things I’ve learned start on the West Coast where everything is Hollywood and new. Here, many of the teens see it, but there is still a lot of “tradition” if you will. Just outside of Boston here we have Harvard and Vineyard Vines. Think Elle vs. Blair in Legally Blonde. For me, it’s always been an important part of my brand story to let them know that it is important to me to be able to give them both. I am able to talk about it easily in consultations, but haven’t figured out yet how to express it in my site...and now doing so with keeping in alignment with Gen Z."

Jennifer Christie Helmka
-Momentum and Level Up student

Momentum Membership Pricing :: Pay in FULL and get $50 off

**this is a monthly commitment from now until December of 2020** & there is already SIX months of content available to you


**this is a monthly commitment from now until December of 2020** & there is already SIX months of content available to you


Learn how to truly connect with your audience and deliver value like never before.  Your clients want to have more of an experience with you but Gen Z is also very savvy and loves "stuff" ... you'll learn how to get your finger on the pulse of this generation so you can deliver exactly what they're looking for in a modern senior photographer.

join me

"What stood out? Everything. Literally. If I had to say one thing? The insight on Gen Z was fascinating. As a parent some things made me laugh, other things were eye-opening. The years of research and experience shared were invaluable. Overall, I was able to see the shifts I need to make in my social media presence, in copy, in session experience, and in my community. I felt like this was just scratching the surface for Renee, she has so much more to say, but my TO DO list is long! I’m ready to tackle it though - Renee not only educates but she inspires. Thank you."

Tiffanie Yee
-marketing masterclass attendee

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are you ready for Gen Z?

want a taste?

Feel free to check out the videos below to see what you can get inside of Momentum. The Facebook Live is available in my free facebook group but I wanted to include it here because we do talk about how to prep, looking ahead and staying focused during this very stressful time. I like to pop on live in the group at least once a month - so there is a lot of free content there as well ... including a five day marketing challenge I did in preparation for 2020.


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