Gen Z Doesn't Care


If you're "award-winning". They also don't share their images on social like they used to. This means WAY less organic marketing for you, the senior photographer.

We can't do what we've been doing because it just doesn't work. If you are ready to pivot and willing to learn, this is what you need. A year-round lead magnet that also makes you MONEY.

Tell me more!

Of Year-Round Lead Generation FUELED By My Senior Rep Program


To make sure you stay ahead of the game.

As a senior photographer, you've been told that offering a model or rep team is the best way to ensure you have lots of year-round word-of-mouth clients.  In fact, one of the most asked questions I hear in my Facebook group is "HOW do I run a successful senior rep program?"

Because y'all .... most of you are doing it all wrong.

You're spending tons of time on elaborate team photoshoots only to find that your Gen Z clients don't want to post their images & if they don't post, they aren't doing their part.

What's worse is that you're most likely not charging your ambassadors - or charging very little - so you're working too hard for no money.

So how long do you wanna keep doing that?

Here's a better scenario:


✅ You're running a rep team that is UNIQUE from what other photographers are doing - that stands out & that speaks directly to your Gen Z target clients, empowering them to step into learning how to build their personal brand - with you as their mentor. 


✅ It's an inclusive, collaborative experience that makes your creators feel like they're a part of something so they organically share about it to their friends while learning how to collaborate with local and online businesses. 


✅ You have a steady influx of senior clients because of this amazing creative team and no longer participate in the photographer feast of famine cycle.  


I want this in my life!

I'll teach you how to build YOUR own team of CREATORS who post and show up for you like a senior rep team should!

Here's what I do & I'll teach you how too

Kristin Firewicz

I’ve been following Renee since the Senior Ignite years. I run a successful senior studio in two states. When she created her model program I jumped on it (even though I was already running a program). I wanted to dive deeper and really hone in on what this generation wants because let’s be real, most of us don’t know or have the time to do the research she has done. There is a shift with this generation. If you haven’t seen it you will. I promise. This program is worth every penny. It’s step by step how to implement a successful program that won’t have you killing yourself, making yourself hate your team and it will be profitable!! You will get results. Most educators are just pushing programs for $$$. Renee is teaching and more important doing these practices in her own business. So RUN don’t walk and get this program!!! You can thank me later!

The Creator Mindset

Learn how to speak to and attract team members who are excited to help build your brand.

The Timeline

Plan your team timeline so you aren't stressed and so that it gets you booked early.

The Gen Z Client

Hone in in and market directly to your Gen Z clients by understanding who they are.

Posing Gen Z

Create killer images they actually want to post by learning how to pose and shoot editorially.

How To

Start a team from scatch (where to source) & how to pivot current reps into a creative team.

The Team Offer

Get access to how I price my team, WHY I structure it the way that I do & then implement yours.

Brand Collabs

Make your team irresistible by showing them how to work with & pitch brands. 


Learn how to deliver team images intentionally & ensure that they actually post what you shoot.

Keep it Going

Peek at how I source referrals for next year's team and get over 300 names from my current team!

The Meeting

See exactly how I run my meetings and get signups on the spot + email templates that get them there.


Watch our past Q&A calls to get even more insight into how to refine your team.

Shoot Ideas

Never run out of ideas with a doc that gives you TONS of inspiration for years to come.

Take a PEEK inside the course:


The Creator Guide

Teach them HOW to be a great creator for your brand & also for collabs (canva template)

Media Kit

Give your team a more polished look for brands by including a media kit (canva template)

Meeting Slides

Yep, I give you an entire presentation OUTLINE to use for your meetings (canva template)


For brand shoot days + team shoot days to make sure they're prepped (canva templates)


Never be unsure of what to say with scripts for dm's + calls + team communication

Give this to me!


ALL the emails to attract & nurture potential creators so they come to a meeting ready to join

I want to know what to say!


My exact contract and model release templates + other bonus docs to keep you organized

Keep me organized!


Okay ... that's a ridiculous amount of content I know.  But I break it all down for you in easy to digest, short-ish video modules.


Here's how Steph applied this method to her senior team

Steph Fashempour came to me because she had been in business for almost 20 years but was struggling to make her team work FOR her. She knew she could make more money and not only did she do that by raising her prices by SIX times, she also provided value that nobody else is doing in her area.  She has continued this year after year and has raised her prices EVERY year and is KILLING IT.  You can do this too! 


I won't throw you to the wolves

You get access to a private Facebook group so you can pop in whenever you need help or support - no matter how long it's been since you purchased the program. I'm not gonna leave you to figure this out for yourself!

Get some face time too

We have periodic zoom dance parties (well, they're really just educational calls, but you dance if you want).  Maybe you're struggling with what to tell a team member - whatever it is, bring it to a call & I'll coach you.

Matthew Koller

Renee is THE Gen Z expert. Her courses continue to give us new insight and add so much value to our business. If you are a senior portrait photographer joining her tribe is a no brainer.

Total Value = $3500

YOUR  PRICE = $997 


Yes! I Am Ready To Get Started!

This is for the INNOVATORS


Most of the model or ambassador team programs that photographers have been running were made for either millennial clients or the MOMS of your clients - not for Gen Z clients.

By now, you know that if you want to grow a senior business, you must get Gen Z clients on board. They are the ones calling the shots with regard to who is hired to shoot their senior pics, and how much is spent on products (and what is purchased).

So while marketing to parents is always important, most photographers miss the mark by ONLY marketing to them (this is just what has always been taught).

But I teach you how to attract Gen Z clients by building a senior rep team that is meaningful AND aspirational while also turning a nice profit.

As an added BONUS, I also walk you through how to run a TEEN TEAM to nurture even younger audiences.

How Amazing Would This Be?

By the time you complete this program, you will be able to:


  • Start your own team from scratch right out of the gate.
  • Revamp your existing team to be more profitable and intentional.
  • Be a social media expert to your creative team and be seen as a leader in your market.
  • Project six to twelve months in advance and stop worrying about where those clients are going to come from.
  • Feel more confident when interacting with Gen Z clients.
  • Plan fun, creative photoshoots for your team that will ensure you have marketing content all year long.
  • Pitch yourself to brands with the intention of collaborating and cross-marketing - while also teaching your creators how to do that as well.
  • Confidently recruit a team and run in-person or zoom meetings.
  • Sign up a team without "choosing" the most popular teens. Gen Z clients value inclusiveness, so I teach you how to create a team that is aspirational but not exclusionary
  • Create marketing content that doesn't feel inauthentic.
  • Connect with your teen clients in a way you never have been able to before.


Hey hey, I'm Renee ‚úĆūüŹľ¬†


I've been a photographer for many moons ... I started on film if that gives you an idea of how old I am - before it was cool to shoot film, when it was our only option. I have a BA in Psychology and I'm also certified in NLP Life Coaching, Amen Clinic BrainTraining and Neuro-encoding. 

In 2007, I decided to specialize in high school senior portraits because nobody was offering anything like it here in my area. I saw a need and created a niche for myself which has generously rewarded me both financially and personally. 

It's important to me that you know that I did NOT always have this figured out. I floundered for a while before truly figuring out how to make real money at senior photography. That's why I am so passionate about helping you scale your business and make great money doing something you love.

I have run teams many different ways over the years and learned a ton in the process. One thing I know for sure - Gen Z clients are very different than their millennial predecessors.  I started seeing changes in my clients back in 2018, so I decided it was time to shift the way I was running my teams. That was when I transitioned from "model teams' to an influencer team - I was the first educator in our industry to call a team this. 

The way I run my teams is different than the way most photographers will teach. I do not believe in choosing only the popular girls. I won't ever tell someone who truly wants this experience that they can't be on the team. I believe team members should be full-paying clients and they should get an experience that is like no other. 

Heather Cunnington

Renee's Creative Team Program was full of amazing content!!! She puts so much thought into everything she does, from how to create storytelling images down to how to deliver them so your team will market for you. The program is full of every template, email, and contract you will need to run your own program and tons of visuals!!! She takes you step by step through how to create your own program and makes it easy to adjust to your branding/business needs. And don't let me forget her knowledge of the Gen Z generation, which makes it so much easier to market on social media. This program truly has given me a solid foundation to start my program with confidence; highly recommended!!!


I've walked this path alongside you as a photographer for years - I know the struggles you face.  As a life & business coach, I help photographers like you every day uncover what's really standing in their way. As a Virgo, I'm a perfectionist  ūüėā so I pour everything I have into the educational content I put out. I pride myself on walking the walk and I won't leave you hanging - if you have questions, I will make sure you get the answers.  

Yes! I'm Ready!

Total Value = $3500


Yes! I Am Ready To Get Started!

Jen Pisani

"At tonight’s meeting I signed 5 Elite Level and 2 Basic Level for class of 2022. I have 3 more girls to talk to but even if they don’t join I am super stoked. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all your support, content, and support! You are truly a blessing!!!! You really helped me pivot this week and I’m forever grateful."

Gretchen Leigh

“Because of your Influencer Model Program, I have been the most optimistic I have been in quite a while. Somehow, it has led me to brainstorm more creatively than usual. I still need to implement and make the ideas happen, but it's a step in the right direction and I honestly haven't felt this way in a while. Thank you!!”

Stephany Fashempour

“I can't believe how well the Influencer Program and the Level Up coaching works! Seriously, if you do the work, take Renee's advice, listen and learn - your investment comes back! I just had my influencer team meetings and my signups were higher than expected and one of my levels was SIX TIMES the amount I charged last year! 

Aly Darin

Loved everything about this program! Renee shares so much important and pertinent information about this generation of senior and delivers detailed & customizable documents for you to incorporate the program into your business!

Fabiola Garcia

This program is amazing! There is so much to take into consideration when building a team and Renee helps you put everything into perspective. The templates, examples and content will save you so much time. The information she provides gives you the upper-hand on how to provide an experience to your team that is way more valuable and aspirational than you could have thought to provide on your own.

Laura Beth

Renee's new model program has equipped me to effectively collaborate with my team and help them grow and develop their own presence as influencers. I can hardly wait to get into this with them! I'm excited to look back at the end of this year to see what we have accomplished and how we grow!



You'll want to sign them up in January or February of 2024!  With this program, you will learn how to start sourcing a team NOW.  Gen Z'ers need to be nurtured longer and when you sign up a team early, you get BOOKED early. And no, it is NOT too late to start a 2024 Team! What you learn in this program will help you learn to market effortlessly.

Let's Do This!



I currently have TWO spots open for 1:1 coaching and you get the Creative Team Method included along with my entire VAULT of educational content. Click the link below to find out more.

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