The Creative Team Method

The start-to-finish blueprint on how to start and run a successful senior rep team of engaged content creators.


In short, you'll learn:

  • How to understand what the creator mindset is, why it's important to our younger clients, and how to make it work for your business
  • How to structure your team for profit and with immense value
  • Who Gen Z is and why this matters 
  • How to market to Gen Z 
  • How to pose and shoot editorially so that your Gen Z clients WANT to share
  • How to price your team and what to include
  • Tons of ideas for team photosessions
  • How to get never-ending referrals for future teams
  • How to run your meetings and the exact presentation template I use that you can customize for your own meetings
  • How to connect with and pitch to brands and then how to teach your team how to as well
  • A private Facebook community for on-going support
  • Past Q&A calls to learn from
  • ALL the templates you need, including:  
    • The Creator Handout
    • The Creator Social Media Guide
    • Media Kit
    • My team application/questionnaire
    • Shoot day checklists
    • Brand collab checklist
    • DM script on what to say to potential team members
    • Contract and model release
    • Email templates for what to say to attract your team and also what to say once you have them on your team
    • How to deliver your images with intention

And much more!


How it's changed THESE photographers' businesses:

Renee's course's have completely changed the way I looked at running my team. It's not just a model team, but a team that can work with brands and create a full on lifestyle after they graduate and leave my team. I’ve made over 36k on just my team alone!

Megan Hutchinson

I’ve been following Renee since the Senior Ignite years. I run a successful senior studio in 2 states. When she created her model program I jumped on it (even though I was already running a program). I wanted to dive deeper and really hone in on what this generation wants bc let’s be real most of us don’t know or have the time to do the research she has done. There is a shift with this generation. If you haven’t seen it you will. I promise. This program is worth every penny. It’s step by step how to implement a successful program that won’t have you killing your self, making yourself hate your team and it will be profitable!! You will get results. Most educators are just pushing programs for $$$. Renee is teaching and more important doing these practices in her own business. So RUN don’t walk and get this program!!! You can thank me later 😂

Kristen Firewicz

I would absolutely recommend Renee Bowen's Creative Team Method to ANY teen or high school senior photographer!!! She not only makes her courses jampacked with knowledge, templates, how-to's, and templates, she also makes them fun. In addition, Renee being a mindset coach really takes her courses to another level that other photography coaches can not! I struggle with overthinking, self doubting, comparison, and so forth, so I found it extremely helpful to learn how to work with my unconscious mind and rewire my brain to be more positive and successful. I highly recommend Renee Bowen as both a photography and mindset coach; you will not regret the investment!!! It was all so useful, I don't know if I could pick what stood out the most for me!? I think that all the material feed off of one another, so having the whole shebang did wonders!!! It was definitely really helpful having all the templates that we could just plug in all our personal branding and images into though. I felt like those resources really saved me a lot of time and gave me the professionalism I was looking for. It absolutely did! After finishing this program I successfully created my own team. It was so easy to implement all your resources and templates by making some tweaks and personalizing them to meet my needs and brand.

Heather Cunnington

Loved everything about this program! Renee shares so much important and pertinent information about this generation of senior and delivers detailed & customizable documents for you to incorporate the program into your business!

Aly Darin

I loved this course. I have thought about running a senior creative team and offering a senior experience for years. I am sure this course is going to set me up to understand exactly how to do it! Thanks for all the extras and downloads and templates. Great to have these bonuses included.

Natalie Wallace

Renee is THE Gen Z expert. Her courses continue to give us new insight and add so much value to our business. If you are a senior portrait photographer joining her tribe is a no brainer.

Matthew Koller

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