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Senior Photography Makeup Guide + Video :: Renee Bowen Photography



Make sure your clients are 100% prepped and ready for their session with you! 


If you include pro makeup in your session, use this guide and video to show your clients what to expect.  If you don't include makeup, you can use this guide and video to either train a makeup artist you want to work with, send to your clients to let them show a makeup artist they hire on their own - OR send to your clients to show them how to do their own makeup.  

This can be customized based on however you run your senior business. 

Educating your client is KEY - a prepared client is a confident client!



Jami Cox (my amazing makeup artist) and I created this senior portrait makeup guide - along with the accompanying video - to help our clients get completely prepped for their senior sessions.  We've worked with teen girls for the last fifteen years and have always included makeup in all the senior sessions I...

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How To Run a Successful Senior Influencer Model Team :: Renee Bowen Photography Coach


The old way of running model or ambassador teams just doesn't work for Gen Z clients. 

I know ... that's a bold statement.  But I don't say that lightly. 

The reason I know this is because I've seen it happen first hand - not just with my own clients - but also with senior photographers all across the country. 

It started in 2017 for me.  I'm in SoCal, and although senior teams weren't even a thing when I started my business (and my first team) in 2007, they very much are now.  Running a team jump-started my senior business and it is the heart and soul of what I do as a senior photographer in my area.  

Nobody knew what the heck senior portraits even were when I started - I had to build it all from scratch.

And by 2014, my business and my model team were exploding.  I had tons of applications for the team every year, I was making over 100k shooting seniors only and I had parents begging me for a spot on the team for their...

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The Style Guide for Senior Photographers :: Renee Bowen Photography Coach

gen z style guide template Feb 02, 2021

Finally, a Style Guide created with Gen Z clients in mind!

If you're a senior photographer, chances are you are using some form of a "What to Wear" or Style Guide that you send your clients prior to the session to make sure they are 100% prepped for their session with you.

I mean..... I hope you are!

But the problem with most of the style guide templates that have been around for the last few years is that they were created with millennial clients in mind - or worse, parents.

And that, my friend, is not going to convert for your Gen Z clients.  

This is the generation that doesn't even use the emoji anymore and .. *gasp*.. judges us old peeps for wearing skinny jeans & having a side part .

So, first of all, if you aren't speaking to your Gen Z target client in your marketing, that is a problem that I can help you with.  I've been researching this amazing group of change-makers for the last several years so you don't have to.   I got you.

In compiling...

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