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This is a Wake Up Call

TikTok now has over 1.5 billion users

It’s been downloaded over 2 billion times worldwide

60% of TikTok users are Gen Z'ers

Next year, 74 million people in the U.S. will be part of “Gen Z”, which will make it the largest generation of all

Learn How To Leverage This NOW

Senior Photographers:

If you're NOT on Tik Tok, now is the time - here's why:

What Olivia (a senior client of mine) wants you to know:

"Tik Tok is so inclusive to every idea and to everyone so there’s going to be people that like what you post -  especially when you work with kids our age. Tik Tok has been a part of my generation starting with Music.ly so essentially we grew up with the platform. Kids our age love to see the cool things photographers do to photos especially before and afters. It's an easy way to let high school kids (the ones most interested in your work) see what your capable of!"


Did You Know the Tik Tok Algorithm has 4 Stages?

Learn why these are important and how to make sure your videos are being seen by YOUR target clients.  YES, you can use Tik Tok to market to your local seniors!!  The views you potentially get on your videos is OFF THE CHARTS and far more relevant than any other social media platform with respect to Gen Z audiences.


from the private group 


Here's a recent post in our private off Facebook group just for members.  It's so great seeing the way members are bring creative and using Tik Tok to market not just to Gen Z clients but also their PARENTS!.  The potential on Tik Tok is limitless.


I created Tik Tok University for YOU

Because I know how daunting it can be

I've been on Tik Tok for almost a year and have had several videos go viral with thousands of views. I've been approached by brands and have learned to use the platform to not only reach my clients but also collaborate with other local and national brands so I can bring more value to my senior clients and influencer team.

I teach you all of this inside of Tik Tok University.

ready to take action?

your Gen Z clients are waiting for you

What You'll Learn

Why you NEED this course

are you completely overwhelmed by even the idea of learning Tik Tok?

You're not alone!  

Most Senior Photographers say they either "don't get it" or "don't have time" for this platform

But .... ALL OF OUR CLIENTS are on it

You NEED to understand it and use it - and now is the time to dive into it

Don't wait ... you want to get on Tik Tok and understand how to market to your Gen Z clients before your competition does

What's included:

  • WHY Tik Tok?
  • How to grow and develop best practices
  • Types of content to post
  • Marketing with Tik Tok
  • Teach your clients
  • Live Streams
  • Management
  • How to create Tik Toks
  • Content will be updated as new info is released

AND a private community so you can continue to get support

each module is explained in terms we as senior photographers can understand & you have access to the content forever

NOW is the time

are you ready for how our market is changing?

"I learned a lot and took pages of notes, which I can’t wait to incorporate. There is so much content on Tik Tok, it’s easy to get lost down the rabbit hole. Renee shares strategies for senior photographers to use this platform to create content that will help us connect with our gen Z client base in an authentic way. Her use of screen sharing was particularly helpful. I’m excited to get out there and start creating content with all the new tips and tricks I’ve learned! Renee is the best!"

Susan Ryan
Tik Tok University and Momentum Member


Learn how to use the analytics from your Tik Tok account to understand which videos are relevant to your target clients and how to create the kind of content that will get more eyes on your brand.

If you aren't using Tik Tok, you are missing out on the POWER you have when you know and understand analytics. Most people don't even know how to SEE this on their account.  

Believe it or not, Tik Tok is just getting started. This is your chance to stand out from your competitors.  AND you'll have the approval from the savvy Gen Z market.

The image on the right is from one of my videos. 

  • over 3k shares

Can your Facebook or Instagram post to THAT?

"I had already started using Tik Tok a little bit before taking this course and it now gives me even more of a reason to really jump in. I particularly like the focus on the marketing aspect of using this platform. I like how the course is broken up into different topics so that I can easily go back and review them when needed rather than going through an entire course to get to the part I'm looking for. Will definitely be using this information when making Tik Toks going forward."

Paige Puglisi
Tik Tok University & Momentum Member

don't wait

Momentum is KEY in everything, but especially in business. Take a step in the direction you want your life to go and invest in yourself. You don't have to go it alone, even if you are a "solopreneur"

A Peek Inside

I've created this course to make it easy to consume. You can watch or listen on your phone, tablet tor computer. You have lifetime access, including the UPDATES as Tik Tok evolves. The content is yours forever, locked in at this low introductory price. Plus, I've created a private community to support you 24/7 along the way.

Is Tik Tok U Right For You?

Who it's for and who it's NOT for

  • new photographers
  • seasoned photographers
  • anyone who needs to understand Gen Z and how to market to them
  • "high-vibe" people willing to learn and who are coachable
  • dynamic, creative photographers who are excited to up their game
  • solopreneurs looking for community
  • anyone looking for guidance that is on-going and in-depth
  • photographers stuck in old patterns
  • close-minded peeps
  • low-vibe complainers

"Renee Bowen, you are such a wealth of knowledge. Thank you for curating all the good stuff and raining it down on us. You’re understanding of Gen Z is very helpful. One thing that resonated with me (well, there were many things!), but the reminder that, “even if you don’t see these [Gen Z] traits now, they’re coming. I often find here on the East Coast, that many of the things I’ve learned start on the West Coast where everything is Hollywood and new. Here, many of the teens see it, but there is still a lot of “tradition” if you will. Just outside of Boston here we have Harvard and Vineyard Vines. Think Elle vs. Blair in Legally Blonde. For me, it’s always been an important part of my brand story to let them know that it is important to me to be able to give them both. I am able to talk about it easily in consultations, but haven’t figured out yet how to express it in my site...and now doing so with keeping in alignment with Gen Z."

Jennifer Christie Helmka
-Momentum and Level Up student


Learn how to truly connect with your audience and deliver value like never before.  You'll learn how to get your finger on the pulse of this generation so you can deliver exactly what they're looking for in a modern senior photographer. And the private group helps you stay on track!

join me

"Wow!! I just finished the course after 2 days and I am already seeing an even higher rate engagement on my videos. My views, likes, and even my comments have gone up just from implementing a few of the things I have learned! I have started posting more and even have put myself out there on videos the account as well! Thank you so much Renee for helping me to learn more than I thought was possible about this new platform! I am so excited to see how much my account grows in the coming weeks and months. I can't wait to master this social media and add even more value to my senior experience!"

Kasey Stringfield
-Tik Tok U & Level Up Member

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are you ready for Gen Z?

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