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Make sure your clients are 100% prepped and ready for their session with you! 


If you include pro makeup in your session, use this guide and video to show your clients what to expect.  If you don't include makeup, you can use this guide and video to either train a makeup artist you want to work with, send to your clients to let them show a makeup artist they hire on their own - OR send to your clients to show them how to do their own makeup.  

This can be customized based on however you run your senior business. 

Educating your client is KEY - a prepared client is a confident client!



Jami Cox (my amazing makeup artist) and I created this senior portrait makeup guide - along with the accompanying video - to help our clients get completely prepped for their senior sessions.  We've worked with teen girls for the last fifteen years and have always included makeup in all the senior sessions I offer.  As a photographer, I know the importance of providing clients with clear information so they arrive at their session feeling confident and completely taken care of,  and this guide is one of the ways I'm able to do this.

Makeup is meant to ENHANCE beauty not conceal it!


In this guide, we will go over THREE different makeup looks:


These options are perfect for our teen clients because it gives them a visual of how their makeup could look for their session, and how it could change throughout the session as well.

The Naked is great for those who want a more natural look but still look put together.  It's important to get this right because it will even out skin tone and warm your client up just a bit, which translates into a beautiful natural look.

The Bump Up is for those clients who are little more adventurous with makeup but who still want to remain fairly natural.

And the Glam Bump Up is for those who want an edgier, more dramatic look - which can be perfect for a last look!

The important thing is that your clients feel totally taken care of and prepared for their session with you.  This will make sure that happens!

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