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A lot of senior photographers want to run prom sessions but have no idea where to start, so this blog is going to help you get some clarity on this!

Prom mini sessions can be a GREAT way to get lots of organic marketing for your senior business, so I do encourage you to consider doing them.

This is the way I MOSTLY run my prom sessions...


  • Back to back time slots all day on prom day - usually 20 minutes eah
  • Usually shoot 20-30 couples
  • Flat fee per couple and my rep team gets a discount
  • 3 couples per time slot
  • Makeup and hair is NOT included


  • I include 5 digital images (sized for 4x6) for regular clients and non-clients; my Rep Team gets 10
  • They can purchase more digital files if they like, along with prints
  • Only keep the gallery online for a very limited time - and set it so that anyone who registers will get an email reminder when the gallery is about to expire



I like to get Prom images done ASAP … I’ve even delivered galleries the NIGHT OF but for sure I deliver by Monday because I want them to have immediate gratification and I want the “shock and awe” of lots of people posting on social (I aim to get them done by Sunday night because I love when they all post at the same time lol)



  • PLAN ahead for parents shooting over your shoulder
  • Have HELP the day of and stay on schedule


Mini Prom Sessions aren't your thing? 

This is a super fun way to run prom and my client and moms loved it but it is a LOT of work & more expensive to put on, therefore the price is higher



  • Need a studio or a space to do this - I used our neighborhood clubhouse which has a pretty natural outdoor space as well - so we could have all the hair and makeup and getting dressed inside while also getting really pretty outdoor shots (a great option also if it ends up raining - you can always pull everything inside)
  • Hair and makeup is included in the price - clients pay me and I pay the HMUA
  • Try and keep costs down by getting a space for free or very cheap
  • I bring snacks in and play music - I have a selfie station set up for them with a ring light so they can do lots of bts
  • I shoot them getting ready, like I would a wedding and all of those images are INCLUDED.
  •  Four girls per time slot ( each time slot is one hour )
  • Two girls go into hair while two go into makeup and then they switch; then next group comes in
  • I shoot as the groups are done - we have the girls tell their dates to meet them at a specific time (after their hair and makeup) and I get shots with them together and also individually
  • If they want their friends to meet them there and JUST do prom sessions, I open that up AFTER all the girls have booked the get ready with us …. I close it down about two weeks before prom and get organized with my hair and makeup people, etc…



Want more? 

Prom & Pinterest Class - This is a TWO-part live zoom class recording.

These types of sessions can be REALLY stressful, so I outline it all for you and show you how I run them without going insane 😜 and how I actually bring in 3-5k in a day.

Check it out HERE.


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