Glow Up Your TikTok!

I pressed “post” and wanted to puke.  It was a video of my cat though, so at least I wasn’t actually putting my own face on this weird platform that seemed to be all over the place in terms of content. There weren't even tools to make the video look good or to edit it, but I was really just posting to test the waters….

It was May of 2019 and my kids told me in no uncertain terms “Mom, do NOT get on TikTok.”

Well, if you know me, you also know that I ABSOLUTELY WAS GOING TO GET ON TIKTOK now that I knew that they were so opposed πŸ˜‰

I told them that since they weren’t paying me upwards of 3k to shoot their senior pics, to get over it.  (side note: I have WAY more followers and engagement than they do now on TikTok, and does the fact that I want to gloat make me a bad mom? πŸ€£

Anyway, my point to this little ditty is that I tested those uncharted and scary AF waters so you don’t have to! I told my senior photog friends back then to get on TikTok but most did not listen. Heck, they still haven’t - even after it took off like a rocket in 2020.


That’s okay …I am not here to force you into doing something you are so violently opposed to - or don't need to do. 

If you have an influx of clients and are making killer money, you may not need TikTok to get clients. 

But if you DO need clients and aren't making enough money …if you are terrified of TikTok or if you are posting there but you kinda feel silly or that it’s pointless, or you just don’t understand what the best practices are .. what to do with trends, etc. what I’m about to say applies to YOU.

By now, it should be of no surprise to you that I think you need to have a brand presence on TikTok if you are trying to attract senior clients. THAT is where your senior clients are.

Makes sense, right?  

Okay so let’s get you feeling more confident there, shall we?

Ya girl hasn’t done a pop up class in a hot second, and since I’m missing Mardi Gras again this year (if you didn’t know, I’m a Louisiana girl, born and raised) - I have decided to host a TikTok crash course ON Mardi Gras night - “Glow Up Your TikTok”  

Come hang out with me - with or without your favorite cocktail - and learn ALL - and I mean ALL - of the latest and greatest tips and tricks to turn your TikTok into a Gen Z magnet.

Because while there are a lot of self-described gurus on there right now, none of them are in our niche - which is really specific. I’ve been actively posting on this app for almost four years now and built a nice following. (And I get clients from there a lot - most recently, a girl found me who wanted more of a studio content session and said that she chose me because of the way I use movement and how I create very “lifestyle looking” images)

TikTok has definitely changed a LOT over the last three years, but even more in the last six months! I created an entire course in 2020 for senior photographers all about it, but honestly, the app changes so fast now that it just does not make sense for me to create or update an entire course. 

I would rather spend intentional time with you, giving you the most current and best strategies that are working NOW. (The algorithm just went through a big update)

What this is NOT:

A formal, stuffy class (yawn)

A fluffy feel good class with no strategy (at this point on TikTok, you NEED strategy)

This will be fun!  

minimum of a two-hour class; we will most definitely have to build a pee break in! (hello, I’m 52 … two hours is a stretch, especially if I am enjoying a cocktail)

My intention with this class is to take ALL YOUR FEAR AWAY and show you how EASY and FUN TikTok really is!  

Here are all the deets and how you can grab a spot:

βœ… WHEN5pm pacific time on Feb 21st, 2023 via zoom (will be recorded so you can purchase it now even if you can’t make it live; price will increase over time - see below).

βœ… We will cover how to use TikTok as a search engine - because this is where your gen z clients are searching for senior photographers

βœ… We'll cover finding time, content ideas, the algorithm, calls to action, strategy and more

βœ… You will receive a PRE class questionnaire from me a few days beforehand with info on how to prep for the class.

βœ… Everyone will also get access to my mini course Repurpose in addition to the contents of the call.

βœ… No slides because this will be interactive throughout, but I will take the transcript from the call and make it into a workbook or notes for you after the class - in case your notes suck ;)

βœ…The first FIVE people who reserve a spot will also get a social media audit from me; here’s what that entails:

  • Pick either Insta or TikTok and I’ll pick your profile apart lol; just kidding (kinda) - but I will dive deep into what is working, what’s not and how you can improve. I’ll send you a list as well as a video of me explaining it all to you with specific help.

βœ… The first TWENTY people who reserve will get a free follow-up zoom with me on March 28th at 1pm pacific to check in and see how you’re doing; this is mainly a Q&A for you to come back and let me know how you’re doing and get more help to refine things.

βœ… Just $225 to reserve your spot

βœ… If you want to grab one of those first five AUDITS, it’s an additional $55


(Recording will be a higher price, but if you purchase it now, you’ll lock in the intro pricing)



 Make sure you tell a friend before the price increases.

Join me for the TikTok crash course ON Mardi Gras night! 

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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