How to Create a Successful Senior Rep Team


Model Teams are Dying! 

That's probably not what you wanted to hear, right?  I promise I'm not trying to scare you - I'm just being direct; there's enough fluff in our senior photography industry.

We can't do what we've been doing because it just doesn't work for these younger Gen Z clients.

The truth is that you need to attract more of your target Gen Z clients with a rep program that is aligned with who they arenatural content creators.

As a senior photographer, you've been told that offering a model or rep team is the best way to ensure you have lots of year-round word-of-mouth clients. 

In fact, one of the most asked questions I hear in my Facebook group is "HOW do I run a successful senior rep program?"

                               But most of you are doing it all wrong.

You're spending tons of time on elaborate team photoshoots only to find that your Gen Z clients don't want to post their images & if they don't post, they aren't doing their part - getting you business.

What's worse is that you're most likely not charging your ambassadors - or charging very little - so you're working too hard for no money.

                              How long do you wanna keep doing that?              

Here's a better scenario:

✅ You're running a rep team that is UNIQUE from what other photographers are doing - that stands out & that speaks directly to your Gen Z target clients, empowering them to step into learning how to build their personal brand - with you as their mentor. 

✅ It's an inclusive, collaborative experience that makes your creators feel like they're a part of something so they organically share about it to their friends while learning how to collaborate with local and online businesses. 

✅ You have a steady influx of senior clients because of this amazing creative team and no longer participate in the photographer feast or famine cycle.  

Doesn't that sound exponentially better?  

So HOW do you do this?? 

I've actually been running my team this way for YEARS.  The result is that they share, they are engaged, they get loads of content (what they want) - and I get year-round bookings, tons of promotional images, and my sales are on average $3500, with some team members spending $5000+

This is how I am able to take on fewer team members and provide an incredible experience for them. 

No more 30+ member teams, scrambling for sales, and HOPING my team is promoting me. 

In 2017, I started noticing changes in my teen clients so I developed something called The Influencer Model Program and then taught other photographers how to do this as well.  I was the first photographer in our industry to USE that word - Influencer - in terms of what a team could be.  It's been wildly popular and has helped so many photographers make more money by working less. 

But it's now time for another change - our clients are leading the way.  We need to be paying attention to what they want and how they share.

Our teen clients today want more CONTENT and they want more lifestyle/editorial imagery.  They want the opportunity to work with other brands and really learn how to step into a personal branding space as a true content creator.  One in four teen girls say they aspire to be social media creators.

Are you providing this type of experience to your clients? 

If not, I would LOVE to share The Creative Team Method with you!

The Creative Team Method is an all-new take on how we run teams by focusing on what our younger clients actually WANT and catering to their desire to become content creators.  Inside, I share how I do it but also - how you can make this your own with various options outlined.  

The templates alone are worth it:

  • an entire Canva presentation for your meetings
  • a social media guide 
  • a media kit for your teams
  • checklists for working with brands
  • dm's for scripts
  • and more!

It's even more robust than the Influencer Model Program was.  I'm excited to help you guys finally conquer this team experience!


Don't wait to get The Creative Team Method! 

It's available just In time for Class of 2024 but special pricing ENDS Saturday, September 17, 2022 at 12 AM PDT

With this program, you will learn how to start sourcing a team NOW.  Gen Z'ers need to be nurtured longer and when you sign up a team early, you get BOOKED early. 

Get The Creative Team Method Now before the price increases!

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