10 Tips for How to Market Your Photography Business

Are YOU ready to step into the role of CEO in your biz? 

I mean like seriously - are you ready to finally nail this strategy down once and for all and tackle all the blocks that come up as a result of doing this work?  

Oh yeah, there will be blocks - that's what happens any time you redirect, reframe or rewire underlying limiting beliefs. They'll rear their ugly heads up and try to stop you from moving forward.  

"Why would I self-sabotage like this, Renee?"  I know - I can hear you asking this, friend. 

Well, you're not doing it on purpose, of course.  You're over here actually trying to make some real changes in your biz - and you should pat yourself on the back for that! 

The truth is that the stronger the desire to change, and the more you take action on that - the louder and more intense that sabotaging voice can be!  

It's your unconscious mind trying to keep you safe - that's it.  All that "fear" people talk about (fear of stepping into their awesomeness, fear of raising prices, fear of showing up, etc.)  It's all just your unconscious programming.  

And you can change it!  You ARE changing it.  

The reason it pops up when you're making strides is that it's literally sensing danger - because its only job is to keep you alive and breathing. 

If you think about your unconscious as a six-year-old child, it helps. 😂

It doesn't know that this thing you're doing won't hurt you - YOU have to tell it. 

Yep, you have to step into the driver's seat and make it understand.  Ready to learn how?

Yeah?! Let’s do it!


Learning to shift your mindset is one of the best things you can do AND is a precursor to any marketing.  You have to have the right mindset before you can market yourself!

These seem like simple shifts, but when you practice them daily, they make a big difference in your business and your life. 

Okay so now that you are starting to work on your mindset, what are the steps to take to implement a marketing strategy for your photography business? 

  1.  Get super clear on your main goal. What do you want your business to look like?
  2. WHO are you talking to?  Get crystal clear on that client avatar and I mean dig DEEP into their demographics and psychographics. 
  3. Speak TO that person - always (hint, if your website has more "I's" than "you's", that is a sign you aren't talking to your target client.)
  4. Focus on finding that target client where they ARE.  If that's TikTok, yep - you need to be creating content there!  (ps, I am updating the TikTok University and will be re-releasing it in late May, so watch this site for those updates).
  5. Develop your own branding message that you implement across all platforms. 
  6. Network within your own local market and make deep connections with businesses that are aligned with your mission. 
  7. Repurpose your content!  There is no reason to recreate the wheel every day!  (ps, I am working on a really amazing tutorial that will walk you through taking one piece of content and turning it into 16 different ones - that you can repeat each week + a spreadsheet to keep track of it all!  If you want dibs on this first, email me and I'll get you on the list.)
  8. Put yourself out there!   Your clients NEED to connect with the real you - they want to see who you are outside of your photography business. 
  9. Build a killer referral or word-of-mouth system with current clients.
  10. Consider brand ambassadors (some call the model teams) ... but if you are a senior photographer, you should really be looking at ways to capitalize on who our Gen Z clients already are - content creators.  Find ways to incorporate that into your teams!  (ps, I am reworking the Influencer Model Program now and will be re-releasing that in the summer with all these changes in mind!). 

And now that you have both some mindset and marketing tools - it's up to YOU to decide how you'll implement these!  

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