Prom & Pinterest LIVE Zoom Class!


There's been a lot of chatter in my Facebook group & in my Clubhouse chats recently about PROM :: how to shoot minis, how to charge, how to market for these - how to put on your own prom session for your team or clients who aren't able to have prom this year (like mine).

Make no mistake, prom sessions can be AMAZING for your marketing, even if no proms are being held where you live this year.

 I've run prom minis just about every way under the sun over the years and there is definitely a science to it - in order to make money, anyway.  

Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro, prom is a great way to add value to your client base AND capitalize on some killer organic marketing.


Holy crap, you guys …. if you're not incorporating Pinterest into your organic marketing, you are truly missing out. 

 Your posts on Pinterest – aka “Pins” – live up to 1,600 times longer than on Facebook or any other platform!!!

When you think of it, Pinterest SEO is very similar to Google SEO.  

Some of the same key ranking factors rule – Authority, Expertise, Relevance, and Trust.  You do have to do certain things to make sure your pins are being seen - by the RIGHT people.

But most of you are already freaking out just THINKING of adding this to your workflow.  

I want to help you make this SIMPLE.

So I've decided to hold a special live zoom call to chat about ALL of this and to answer your questions about all things Prom + Pinterest.

✅Zoom link provided once you register
FREE for any current or past Level Up student AND for my current Elevate members (you will be provided the link via email and/or our private groups)  

✅$177 for anyone else. 

💥💥if you sign up before April 3rd, you will get 15% off with the code PROM15💥💥

I expect the call to last at least an hour and ½ - 2 hours, but may go longer so plan accordingly.  I want this to be interactive, which is why I'm doing it live, so I can answer your questions and provide as much value as I possibly can. 

It WILL be recorded and you'll get a copy - so if you can't join live and still want to get in on this, that's fine - just email me any questions you have so I can make sure and answer them live.

I'll also provide you guys with some digital materials (checklist, email templates, etc.) so the value on this is well over $300

I may end up limiting the number of attendees if it looks like we will have a ton … so go ahead and grab a spot now to make sure you get access!


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