What's REALLY Stopping You?


Real talk:

What's stopping you from ____________? 
Fill in the blank with whatever it is you have been wanting to accomplish. 
And I mean aside from the "logistical" roadblocks (like tech or not actually knowing a skill set yet that is needed yet, etc.).  That's just surface stuff ... excuses actually. 
I'm mean why are you really NOT taking action on it? 
I'd like you to consider that it might be coming from something you either ignored or pushed away ... something from your past or from that place inside of you that holds all the secrets (and key to your success) - your unconscious. 
I talk about this a lot in my coaching - this idea that our unconscious thoughts create our reality ... that our beliefs are what we eventually manifest. That's why it is so important to rewire limiting beliefs, right?
Taking that a step further, I want you guys to consider that you will actually LOOK for proof of whatever it is you believe deep down - because we all inherently want to be right - but also because that's simply the way we are wired. 
If you believe that something is true, you will look for evidence to prove that. We see this all over the internet in terms of politics. 
The same is true for your beliefs about money, love, relationships, etc.
If you believe that you are not worthy, you will look for proof of that - and you will find it.
If you believe that your prices are too high for your market, you will look for proof of that and you will find it.
Conversely, if you believe that you ARE worthy, that your services ARE valuable - that you DO deserve to make a nice income from something you love to do ...

You WILL find proof of that.

“The evidence does not support your belief. The evidence was created by your belief” — Abraham Hicks
This is way more than just a regurgitation of some self-help jargon.  It's super easy to spit that stuff out and repurpose it for the gram.
But I've seen so much proof of this.  Not only in my own life but also in the lives of so many of my students. 
I can't count how many times a coaching student has said "I am terrified of raising my prices because nobody else in my area charges this much" or "I feel guilty for charging this even though I ran my numbers and I know I NEED to make this much".
First of all, it doesn't matter what other people in your market charge.  Yep, I stand by that statement.  Market research can be an important step in building your biz, but at the end of the day, you need to base your pricing on what you know you need to make based on CODB and also what you WANT to make based on your lifestyle and the quality your actual work + what sets you apart.  
Secondly, how do you really know you're the most expensive?  Most of the time, this is just a generalization that your unconscious tricks you into - and not the actual truth. 
Let's talk about guilt for a second.  Feeling guilty about making money can be the result of many unconscious beliefs.  Maybe you had parents who did not think money was "good" or maybe they told you many times how it doesn't grow on trees, is evil, or even just spoke badly about wealthy people. 
Whatever the case may be, I want you to know that their beliefs about money do not need to be YOURS.  You can choose to reframe this but it does take some work.
And until you do that work, these beliefs will continue to pop up and remind you that you still have triggers.  This will end up causing you more pain and ultimately, you have to be the one to decide how long you will allow this to continue.  
Here are some ways you can reframe these beliefs based on neuroscience and quantum physics:
  1. Hypnosis is a powerful tool that I use with many of my coaching clients - it works directly on your unconscious thoughts and you end up feeling more relaxed and focused as well. 
  2. Journaling about what comes up for you when you think about these beliefs and more importantly, where you want to ultimately BE can be powerful.  I have some free journaling prompts to get you started here.
  3. Spend more time feeling like the person you want to be instead of feeling like the past version of yourself who was programmed by another person's beliefs. 
  4. Create small habits that are attainable that you can STACK to build the big habits. This is discipline in action and it is very different than willpower. 
  5. Working with a coach is obviously one of the fastest ways to reframe and retrain your unconscious beliefs.  (Side note: if you are feeling nervous about investing in yourself in this type of program, that's a KEY indicator that you have some work to do.)

But I want you to really hear this:  it is 100% possible to change this script.  

I will not promise that it will be easy.  You will be tested.  You will want to quit.  

That's why accountability matters so much. We as humans need other humans to live.  I'm an introvert but I know from experience how much more focused and disciplined I am when I have someone holding me accountable. 

It's the difference between making 40k a year and 250k. It's the difference between running a script of self-hate daily and running a script of self LOVE daily.  And it trickles down into every. single. thing. we do.

Isn't it time for you to take control of your unconscious thoughts?  

Here's how I can help you:

  • Group Coaching
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  • Free Groups & Resources:

So, the ball is in your court - will you take action on your biz this year?  

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