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The old way of running model or ambassador teams just doesn't work for Gen Z clients. 

I know ... that's a bold statement.  But I don't say that lightly. 

The reason I know this is because I've seen it happen first hand - not just with my own clients - but also with senior photographers all across the country. 

It started in 2017 for me.  I'm in SoCal, and although senior teams weren't even a thing when I started my business (and my first team) in 2007, they very much are now.  Running a team jump-started my senior business and it is the heart and soul of what I do as a senior photographer in my area.  

Nobody knew what the heck senior portraits even were when I started - I had to build it all from scratch.

And by 2014, my business and my model team were exploding.  I had tons of applications for the team every year, I was making over 100k shooting seniors only and I had parents begging me for a spot on the team for their daughter.

Life was goooooood.

And then .... I noticed something was beginning to shift in late 2014/early 2015. 

This younger group of teens (who were freshmen at the time) were reallllly different from my current set of senior clients.  They valued different things entirely.

So I began researching this generation - and started writing about them on my blog and also in publications.  I wanted to know more about them so I could understand them better and serve them better.

And now, I teach other photographers how to do that!

I'm a huge fan of Gen Z.  I think they're pretty incredible.  

Unapologetic - Change-Makers - Leaders 

Like it or not, like them or not; they are your clients now if you are a senior photographer.  

And model teams of the past do NOT work for them.  

  • They don't like posting too many images of themselves on Instagram, although they take tons of awful iPhone pics (low res/film quality)
  • The word model doesn't resonate with them
  • Everyone they know can take a decent pic with their phones
  • They hold the purse strings in their families; even though Mom and Dad are paying, THEY are the ones choosing the photographer & products
  • They LIVE online - especially now, & crave more in-person, offline experiences.

This is why just marketing to the parents isn't going to work for you.   We must be marketing to both our Gen Z target client AND our parent target client.  (And if you don't know WHO those people are - down to their names - you need to start there)

What DO Gen Z clients want from a team experience?  

I'm so glad you asked!  

  • They want to feel a part of something aspirational - but NOT over the top
  • They want lots of CONTENT to post - but not super high quality styled shoots 
    • They want to look like themselves
    • They want to look good but that they didn't MEAN to
  • They want to be collaborative for team shoots
  • They value meaningful touchpoints like swag bags, team hoodies, personalized gifts
  • Most Gen Z'ers say they want to learn how to build their personal brands

How can you create this for them or convert your current team experience into one that is Gen Z friendly?

  1. Stand out from your competition by doing something different - Gen Z has seen it all; you need to catch their attention by offering something not everyone is doing. 
  2. Approach your team as full paying clients - it's way too much work to do this for free (even if you are just starting out)
  3. Shoot editorially and incorporate storytelling imagery into your work - Gen Z is much more likely to post lifestyle images than super posed, highly produced images.
  4. Invite collaboration - they love to be involved with the shoots
  5. Teach them how to build a personal brand and step into an influencer space online by providing year-round lifestyle content

Just to name a few ...

But what about the parents?  Don't we have to make them happy too?

Yep, you do. 

You need to make both your target clients happy if you want to get social proof AND make money.  Totally doable - this is what I specialize in!  

And you can do it too.  

I created an entire blueprint for you!  

It's called the Influencer Model Program

When you purchase the Influencer Model Program from me, you get:

  • The Photographer's Guide:  This is a 32-page pdf that you can either print or read on your computer/device.  The guide walks you through everything step by step.

  • The Video of me walking you through everything.  
  • The TEEN Social Media and Influencer Guide: Eight photoshop templates so you can customize them with your own business wording and marketing and then print for your team.  It helps train your team by showing them HOW to step into an influencer role and sets you up as the leader in this field. 
  • The Media Kit:  This is a two-page photoshop template as well that you can either customize FOR your influencer OR show them how.  It's a great way to add value to your team by giving them the tools necessary to dive into an influencer platform or grow their personal brand.
  • The Email Funnel:  I use a specific sequence of emails to market to potential team members and I'm including all of them in doc format so you can customize them for your own studio.  Also included is the FOLLOW UP email I send after my meetings. (you get THREE years worth of emails inside the course)
  • The Brand Pitch Email:  This email template walks you through pitching yourself to brands - either online or in-person - so you can get your team set up for collabs throughout the year.
  • The Team Contract and Payment Authorization Forms:  These are also photoshop files for customization
  • The Questionnaire:  All the questions I use on my team questionnaire in a doc format
  • The Image Delivery Script: Another doc file that walks you through HOW I deliver the images to my team and why this is so important
  • An online portal where everything "lives" so you can refer back to it at any time.
  • Exclusive free zoom calls with me twice per year so you can stay up to date and fresh with ideas - and ask as many questions as you need to!

Don't wait - get your blueprint here and start customizing! 

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Make sure YOUR team empowers your clients feel good, provides them with tremendous value, AND makes you GOOD MONEY. 

Get the Influencer Model Program Now! 

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